It’s been a while……

Brodie has been a bit under the weather and I hurt my back at combat – that will teach me for trying to be fit and active, so things have been quiet chez Cameron.
Here is the boy this morning in a rare moment of quiet contemplation. I can assure you he’s back to his normal active self but was just feeling like a ‘wee relax’ on the couch as he puts it.

I’ve been busy sewing to get ready for the craft fair, which is now only two weeks away. I’ve been able to get lots done thanks to Morag and Lesley having the boy which has been so helpful. In fact without them there’s no way I would have been able to get things done. I’ve also made some cards as I think people sometimes like to just a buy a token at fairs rather than something more substantial. So hopefully these will hit the spot. They all have machine stitching on them so hopefully tie in with my other wares, and are all based on this square design. Any comments?

And finally – spring has sprung! Well at least in my kitchen


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