Brodie loves parcels.
I love parcels.
Especially ones filled with stationery. The materials for Vivienne and Craig’s invites arrived today. So exciting, and with birthday party and craft fair out of the way I can knuckle down and get them started. Vivienne wants to send them out in a couple of weeks which gives me plenty of time to get them done. She’s going to come and help put them all together which I’m so looking forward too, I love spending time in her company and wish I could bottle some Vivienne time for when I’m a little blue:)

I’m only a few views away from 500 blog views which is crazy. I’m waving to anyone reading ‘hi!’, I have no idea who all these people reading are but it’s nice of you to visit!


One thought on “Parcels

  1. Hello Caroline

    Thanks for your email – lovely to hear from you. Didn’t realise I had made an impression on you but happy that it was a good one – and kind of you to say so! I hope you enjoyed your first experience of attending a craft market – and good for you for believing in yourself and that your work is good enough to put on public display. Takes a bit of courage don’t you think? I do hope you managed to sell some. Morningside wasn’t great for me to be honest – in fact worst Makers Market I have done so far – but also the earliest in the year – if that makes any difference! We crafters find every excuse in the book to try to work out why we don’t sell as well as we’d hope (the “footfall”, the weather, the time of year, competing markets blah blah blah). Fact is – few wanted to buy my products on that particular day and that’s just the way it goes some times.

    Onwards and upwards I say! I have a few ahead of me and really looking forward to them. Given the poor show for me on Saturday at least I have plenty of stock – for every cloud…….!

    Keep on, keepin’ on! Perhaps our paths will cross at some point.

    All the best and all the rest…

    Bella B

    PS: Responded to your email last week and it took a couple of days for me to realise that I had responded to a “no reply” email address. So, sorry for the wordy comment but the above is what I wrote in my email.

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