Easter with a dump truck

Brodie’s Granny and Granda have been on holiday and we are so pleased to have them home. They brought with them a dump truck for the boy. He has literally played with it every waking second of the last few days. We took it to a nice park with a huge sandpit today and the […]

So that’s what it’s for…..

Brodie, like lots of toddlers has a bedtime routine which involves his own special things being tucked up beside him in his cot. They include but are not limited to – Speedy the Fire Engine book, Mickey (Mouse), Paddington (Bear) and Lucas the Haba doll (don’t worry it’s totally a boys doll:)) And often Spot […]

Keep up.

I thought I would share with you the random thoughts that went through my head as I was driving today. Because it will give you an idea of what it’s like to be me recently. First I thought about my carrots. Brodie’s Great Granda aka Brodie’s favourite person in the world ever gave me some […]


I’ve been very unmotivated lately when it comes to pretty much anything. I really struggled in the fog of morning sickness to get stuff ready for the craft fair I did at the beginning of March. Since I put my sewing machine away then I’ve been really reluctant to get it out despite a huge […]

Quick, while it lasts!

Whilst this unseasonably warm weather is here we’ve been making the most of it. Brodie has been loving playing outside and would be out every minute of the day if we would let him. He’s been helping me in the garden and helping Greig with building the greenhouse and basically being an all round super […]

It’s been nearly a week since I last lost the contents of my stomach down the loo. Woo hoo, get me. I’m reading this book ‘Origins’ by Annie Murphy Paul. I’m really enjoying it, I’m fascinated by epidemiology generally and this brings a whole new angle to the eternal nature/nurture debate. Click for the NYtimes […]


Brodie says awesome things pretty much daily. I could probably blog every day about whatever he has said. Examples. Me: Brodie will you get off the potty and we’ll eat our lunch? Brodie: I willn’t – Brodie: What’s in Mum’s tummy? Me: A baby. Brodie: What’s it called? Me: Don’t know, we have to wait […]