So that’s what it’s for…..

Brodie, like lots of toddlers has a bedtime routine which involves his own special things being tucked up beside him in his cot. They include but are not limited to – Speedy the Fire Engine book, Mickey (Mouse), Paddington (Bear) and Lucas the Haba doll (don’t worry it’s totally a boys doll:)) And often Spot (the Dog). However in the last two days Spot has been partially buried in the veg patch, loaded into the trailer with piles of muck, bathed in mango juice and eaten some curry. Suffice to say that he was a little grubby. So being the responsible parent I am I popped him into the washing machine after tea. B was tired tonight having had a really good day and went down for the night with no problems. Until he noticed Spot wasn’t there. And he shouted and shouted so I went in to explain to him that Spot was clarty and needed a wash. Big mistake – there is no reasoning with an overtired toddler – just not going to happen. So I sang and cajoled and cuddled but the boy was inconsolable. Luckily I had put Spot on a quick wash, so when that was done I spun him at the highest speed and then I layed him carefully on the plate warmer. Up until now the only thing the plate warmer has been used for is warming tortillas to make fajitas. He was soon toasty warm so I crept into the boy’s room and placed him carefully onto the pillow next to my wee angel. Sorry little man, Mum will never, ever make that particular mistake again. x


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