So it’s been a busy few weeks. Last week of school with fairs, graduation ceremonies and nights out to attend. I went to see The ‘That’. Amazing. Brodie had his first accident serious enough to necessiate a trip to A & E. I attended another craft fair (more on that later), checked in with the midwife and lots more.
I haven’t blogged in such a long time, so sorry far flung relatives.
Due to the fact we’ve been so busy I have let things get a bit untidy at home, not so bad that we’re going to catch anything honest:) But I need to put my nesting instinct to use over the next week and get things in order again before Two arrives. So I had great plans to get a head start today and clean the bathroom, iron, etc, only to be awoken by a boy demanding a trip to the beach. Sometimes when the sun is shining you just have to take your lead from a two year old and make the most of what life has to offer. I can totally lend you a two year old if you fancy trying this approach out.
And what a morning. We went to our favourite beach at Aberdour – never too busy and has the added benefit of a great play park. We stopped off on the way to pick up an extra bucket and spade – and they only had bright pink ones left to the delight of the boy.
Handsome husband

I know I take a picture like this every time we are near the sea, can’t help it:)

beach boy

We found jelly fish, collected shells, paddled, ate our picnic and came home sandy, tired and wishing we lived by the sea.
My favourite moment has to be when B caught his first glimpse of the water and said’ Look Mumma, it’s bubbling’. Those are waves little man x


One thought on “Priorities

  1. Fabulous pictures of Brodie and Greig. Beach looks amazing and love the pink bucket!!! No pictures of you though. Mx

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