Catch up

So Greig has been working a bit from home recently which is great. He still works really hard, but his commute consists of walking to the kitchen table and switching on the laptop. Which means more time in the mornings to do this;

This is what we like to call ‘the big boy bed’ around these parts. Brodie has done amazingly well at sleeping in it so far. Another example of something that everyone tells you will be really tough that the boy has breezed………

Thanks to Granny and Granda we are ‘friends’ of Mill Farm – the Almond Valley Heritage Centre in Livingston. This place is amazing if you have little ones and Brodie loves it. It’s a proper farm with animals and farm machinery (tractors!) but with the added fun of bouncy castles, ride on trains and trampolines. Basically toddler heaven. We would highly recommend it. Anyway being VIP members means that we can waft in any time and enjoy farm heaven as frequent visitors.

Brodie has developed a very brave streak. This has me equal parts proud and terrified. This giant bouncy thing was just asking to the bounced on. And then bounced off if you get me. But the bold boy just laughed, stood up and ran back over to the other side………

So that’s what we’ve been up to.


One thought on “Catch up

  1. Great photos as always Caroline.
    Brodie’s bedroom looks amazing and am so glad he has slept well in his big bed.
    Not so sure about the big bouncy thing at the farm though -glad he was with you both and not me!!!!! He looks enormous on it -doesn’t he!

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