Day 14 You spent the day with Granny and I spent most of the day sleeping as I felt pretty bad. Granny said you were very good, didn’t seem too unwell and enjoyed taking Great Granda for a haircut. When you came home you were in a great mood and enjoyed eating the cupcake Auntie […]

Day 9

You helped me bake a cake today Brodie. We made a date and walnut loaf for Julie Ann and Flora coming to visit. You so enjoyed using the flour sifter and nearly all of the flour was sifted into the bowl eventually! We also had a couple of whole eggs, shell and all in the […]

Day 8

Dad worked from home today Brodie which was good for Mum. Mostly it’s good for Brodie too but when Dad has to send emails it’s a bit boring. Still you got to have lunch with Dad and he was here when you woke up in the afternoon.


So I slept so well last night I may have said a silent prayer. No Braxton Hicks, no racing mind full of to-dos and no toddler with bugs in his tummy who may or may not just have been hungry. Ah sleep. Day 4 Today we went to our first Ball Kids class at the […]

I see the future

I was really motivated today to get things washed and organised for our new arrival. It’s good to feel that we are getting things sorted although I have the benefit of experience this time round and know that there is no amount of cleaning can prepare you for a new baby. Besides all they really […]

Too much

Today we had a midwife appointment, went to pick up a picture from the framers and then to the garden centre to pick something else up. And now I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. It doesn’t matter how many times I do this I always feel great, do too much and then […]


So today is one calendar month until baby is due. I am inspired to complete a project which I first came across here. I hope I can take a photo of B each day as we wait for Two and then publish the posts in a book eventually. A somewhat lofty ambition considering everything that’s […]


Yesterday was another pregnancy milestone. 35 weeks pregnant, 35 days to go. The baby’s room is finally coming together. (sneak peek) I really need to pack a hospital bag. And this is pretty much what Brodie thinks about anything I have to say right now.