busy, busy, busy

Greig celebrated his 32nd birthday on sunday, and we went to the soft play. He maintains he wouldn’t actually prefer to be doing anything else other than play with Brodie, and I really do believe him. All day Brodie asked ‘Are you having a good birthday Daddy?’, which nearly prompted more pregnant lady tears but I held it together. We went to see Dave Gorman on friday, who made us both laugh our socks off and then continue to relive the whole gig again at various points over the weekend. Greig met up with friends on saturday night which he doesn’t get to do very often so I was glad to stay at home with B tucked up in bed watching CSI reruns.
Here’s a picture of B from the soft play. This was the best I could get because he didn’t actually stand still for the two hours we were there. Busy, busy as I said. Today was swimming and B boy and Daddy rode the flume. Far too brave if you ask me………


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