2 Littles

I think the little people in our house are in a conspiracy. I think they are lulling me into a fall sense of security. They want me to think that this having 2 kids thing is a cinch. I’m good with that though, we are enjoying every minute. Grier is becoming (slightly) more wakeful! We […]

First Week

Grier has been with us for a week now and it’s been wonderful. She is such a good baby, I remember when people asked me if Brodie was ‘good’. Of course he is I thought, he’s mine and he’s amazing. And of course he was, it’s just Grier so far seems calmer and of course […]

She’s here!

Grier Catherine Cameron was born at 4.22am on the 10th of September, weighing 7lb 4oz, measuring 53cm with a full head of dark hair. I’ll get around to the details some other time but for now enjoy some of the many, many photos we have taken already. We are all doing well. Somehow it feels […]

Day 21 You spent the day with Granny and I forgot to take any photos, sorry little man! Day 22 We had a quiet day at home which started with some gentle bed bouncing:) Watching you bounce on the bed is pretty funny especially when you pause to check out how handsome you are in […]


So Two hasn’t shown any real signs of arriving any time soon, but who am I kidding? I had no ‘sense’ that Brodie was coming so what makes me think things will be any different this time? I actually feel really pretty good. I’m tired and have the usual pregnancy related aches and pains but […]

Day 20 You stayed at Granny and Grandas last night Brodie and they tell us you were a very good boy! We picked you up this morning and we headed for the museum. You were very keen to see the dinosaur bones, you liked the animals but you were mostly interested in the robots, rockets, […]