Day 20
You stayed at Granny and Grandas last night Brodie and they tell us you were a very good boy! We picked you up this morning and we headed for the museum. You were very keen to see the dinosaur bones, you liked the animals but you were mostly interested in the robots, rockets, and trains! You were not keen to come home and told us in the car that you were thinking about all the interesting things you saw at the museum. It tickles me that you show such a fascination in the world around you and we look forward to many more days like today.

Day 19
Great Granda’s birthday! We met Granny and Granda to at GG’s house to open his presents and have cake. You sat in your favourite space beside Great Granda and sampled his birthday sweeties. Earlier you had helped Granny decorate the birthday cake and you were happy to help blow out the candle. You have such a special relationship with Russ Brodie and I’m not sure who adores the other more.

Day 18
Today was very busy. Ball Kids in the morning with Granny. Our normal instructor was ill so there was a male teacher in her place. I’m not sure if it was because he was a man or you just liked him but you had a great time. You were more vocal than you have been and we had to hold you back because you were desperate to have a go at all the activities. You also introduced some short cuts for tasks you thought were superfluous and had us in stitches by exclaiming ‘I can do that, no problem’! In the afternoon we went to a birthday party where you played happily and enjoyed the pink themed party food. Even when a teeny partygoer pinched your cake you just calmly got a replacement and settled down to eat it. By the time we got home you were exhausted. You sat on Dad’s knee with a blanket and a drink and watched your current favourite Thomas DVD

Day 17
You spent the day with Nana Brodie. As usual you and her had lots to do and visits to make. You were a little sad to leave me, I think you are worried I might disappear but you always have a great time with Nana and seeing Tony, Jade and baby Robbie. It’s good for you to spend time with them and I appreciated the day to get the house in order, in case Two is planning on an early arrival. Grandad brought you home in pjs ready for bed!

Day 16
We had another quiet day Brodie. We played a lot with the duplo and changed the sheets together – your favourite job to ‘help’ with! You built the longest tractor in the world (your words!) and we spent a lot of time driving it from room to room and loading passengers on and off.

Day 15

A quiet day for us Brodie boy, I was still feeling under the weather but you were much brighterDaddy worked from home so I could sleep in this morning which made me feel much better. Bath time tonight and as usual you made several attempts to ingest bath water, mostly to make Daddy laugh. I occasionally pop my head into the bathroom when the screams of laughter make it irresistible. I love that you have this special time with Dad and besides you always tell me that he does baths better!

One thought on “

  1. Can almost hear the laughter from the bathroom -such is the expression on Brodie’s face!
    Photos with Great Granda are so precious -I love to see them together.
    PS He WAS a very good boy on Saturday -honest! Mx

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