Don’t tell me you haven’t done this

Googled yourself. Or your children.
When I was pregnant with baby Two Greig and I considered lots of names for our second born. I mean lots and lots. I’m of the school of thought that if one of you says no then you just have to move on to the next suggestion, and the next, and the next, and the next…….
We had a boys name picked early on, no problems. We were pretty sure a boy this name could be a lawyer/rock star/prime minister/win x factor no problem. Girls names were much harder though. It had to be Scottish – ish, it had to be short, it had to go with Brodie (and Cameron), it couldn’t begin with B, I didn’t really want a name that ended with ‘y’, not too popular, not too weird, not too exotic dancer and so on. So we went through lots of names online, checked the credits of tv and film obsessively, thought about characters from our favourite books, historical figures and names with literary connections. And eventually we narrowed it down to a couple of maybe names. Then I found a notebook in which I’d written down possible names for Brodie. And first I noticed that Brodie was way down the list which seems bizarre because really, what else could Brodie be called – he is so Brodie. And then I noticed that we had liked Grier then too. I really couldn’t remember even discussing the name last time but obviously we had liked it then and we still liked it now which was good enough for me. Decision made, phew. Middle name Catherine after my Nana. Anyway, there was no way baby Two was a girl right?
But then when Two was born, and she was indeed a she, so we named her Grier Catherine. And everyday she seemed more like a Grier and we got used to saying it and started to receive presents and cards with her name on and it just seemed right. People began to ask us where we got the name so we explained where it had come from. And then someone (I forget who) mentioned that it was a feminine form of the name Greig. And I felt a bit silly, how had I not known that? Maybe I had read it long ago and forgotten? Or maybe it was just a happy coincidence. Whatever, it makes her name all the more special.
So to the googling, I googled Grier Cameron to see what else I had missed and to find out if there were any more of them on the www. It turns out there is one, in Australia, only she’s a he! Someone should tell that dude he has a girls name……..


One thought on “Don’t tell me you haven’t done this

  1. You make me laugh!!!!! Do you think the Oz Grier will be related to Scottish Camerons? Mx
    PS never googled my name -boring I must be!

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