A New Year

Looking back over a whole year always makes me a little melancholy. So much to think back on, never to be experienced again. And so much has happened in 2011. I suspect when we look back years from now we will remember a handful of things like Brodie turning two, Grier growing and growing and […]

Are they alike?

We get this question all the time about Brodie and Grier. Do they look alike? Yep, they sure seem to look alike. Are they similar in temperament? Who knows, Grier is so tiny it’s hard to tell. She seems more laid back now than Brodie ever was but that could just be the reflection of […]


Why is it so hard to take photos of Brodie and Grier together? This was the best out of about a trillion we took yesterday. In my head they always work out much better than my skills can deliver. Using my camera in manual mode is much less scary than I thought and I’m getting […]


Today we got our tree. (From Beecraigs if you are interested, we would highly recommend them. I say ‘we’ I didn’t actually do any tree lifting or carrying but I think it’s a handsome tree and smells divine) This is the first year Brodie has really got a kick out of decorating the tree. He […]

3 months

Grier is three months old today. She is still very laid back and contented. She loves to kick her legs and is rocking from side to side when on her back maybe trying to roll? Watching and listening to Brodie is her favourite thing by far. She will tolerate being on her tummy for a […]

Whiny brat

No not Brodie, me! Yesterday our internet wasn’t working well and I was trying to do a few things online including making a hair appointment. The internet was in and out all afternoon and I was more and more frustrated. And then I remembered that there was a major storm raging outside and there were […]