A New Year

Looking back over a whole year always makes me a little melancholy. So much to think back on, never to be experienced again. And so much has happened in 2011. I suspect when we look back years from now we will remember a handful of things like Brodie turning two, Grier growing and growing and arriving and then much more growing. Our first full year creating memories in our new house. The beautiful weddings of wonderful friends. And the older I get the more excited I am to look to the next year. The days will no doubt be long and the year fantastically short.
I’m not good at new years resolutions – who is? I think it’s better to create a wish list and hope for the best. I want to make lots of things, with Brodie (and Grier!!) and solo. I want to take better photographs. I want to read more. I want to bake and get really good with an icing bag. I want to get back to exercising.
I’m determined to keep trying to live each day as fully as I can, even if we don’t leave the house. I want to look back over each day knowing that we squeezed everything we could out of it.
I probably have a list of wants and wishes long enough to keep me going for a decade but dream big right? And part of my formula for the new year is to fail with grace. I also find the older I get the more I realise how important a role others play in our success or failure. That asking for help or advice is not a sign of weakness but is actually really smart. So this year I might just be knocking on your door asking for your help.
The blog is a year old tomorrow! And I know there are family, friends and people I’ve never met reading this so if you feel inclined please leave me a comment about your hopes and dreams for 2011. I would really love your help with that, see, I’m getting better at asking already:)


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