Emma Dress

So I finally finished the sewing project which has been on the kitchen table for the last few weeks. I considered giving up several times but I’m glad I pushed through. The journey has been worth it even if the destination wasn’t quite as I’d hoped….. A couple of weeks ago I saw that Jess […]


Sometimes I find being mum to two small children a bit like being the world’s crappest laptop. I don’t have enough working memory to keep track of everything going on. Sure I can tell you how long since Brodie’s last pee, when Grier needs fed, where the Duplo pig is (not the cow though, that […]

Hi Mum,

I’ve just peed on my tutu and the sheet you use when you are pretending to be a real photographer, Love Grier x Grier and I took some photos today because it was so bright and lovely. Brodie took a trip to the farm with Granny which he loved. He’s been asking to go for […]

If you ever…..

Feel a little blue, I have a solution for you. Find a mopatop blonde haired nearly three-year old. Who dressed himself this morning in sunshine yellow. And dance and sing as loud as possible to Miley Cyrus (preferably ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ but other tracks will work). Dance like no one’s watching and soak […]