New Year Feasting

Last night we had our traditional Hogmanay feast. In fact I was so excited about the food I pretty much forgot to take any photos. Here is our starter

Filo pastry parcels with camembert and caramelised leeks (Yes, they were massive)

Then we had slow roasted pork with spiced apple chutney, braised red cabbage, carrots with orange and tarragon and roasties

Followed (much later) by rhubarb and ginger puddings with vanilla custard. I managed to curdle two lots of custard but my lovely husband and friends ate it anyway – they’re an easy bunch to please:) I’ve made a gluten and dairy free version of the puddings for Morag to try so I’m hoping they are as good as the originals. We are off to Morag and David’s soon for more delicious food and then it might be time to think about lacing up my trainers…..
We had a little visitor at the dinner table looking to share in the fun
2011 was a year of good and happy, hoping 2012 will bring more of the same for all.


One thought on “New Year Feasting

  1. Food looks great! Can’t wait to try your pudding later today.
    Grier taking it all in -whatever you are all talking about.

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