2 days in

Greig went back to work yesterday. He has a new job with The Herald. I am so proud of him. He is a wonderful writer, he works incredibly hard, is full of integrity and most impressively everyone he has worked for or with is full of good things to say about him.
But I’m not going to lie, when he told me this new job was going to mean being away from home for longer I selfishly was mostly concerned with how that would impact on me. I panicked about trying to get a newish baby and toddler fed, bathed and put to bed myself every evening. When Brodie was first born I waited impatiently for Greig to get home every evening so I could hand him over and get a break from the demands of a tiny baby. As Brodie got older I counted on Greig to help me with the toddler boundary testing which accompanies dinner and bathtime. I needed him.
I also looked forward to dinner with Greig every evening. We chatted about our day, laughed and marvelled at Brodie together and were a real family around our table. I was gutted when I realised that wouldn’t be happening any more.
But you know what? I didn’t give myself enough credit. I look after my two all day on my own. What difference does an extra hour make? And not waiting for Greig to make it home from the station has liberated me to just get on with it.
It’s only been two days but we have made it together. Full tummies, clean hair, teeth brushed and stories read. And the evenings we do have together, altogether, will be all the sweeter.
Dinner for three

Bed bound

I am now even more in awe of single parents who do it on their own day in and day out. Parents whose partners are away in the military or work away from home are heroic in my eyes. Parenting is hard work people, especially solo.
So what have I learned? How much I appreciate help from my husband and family, how much more capable I feel with a nearly three year old and a nearly four month old than I thought I was and the value of a Chai Latte on the sofa come 7.30pm. Now if only I had the phone number of the ironing fairy…….


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