Be careful what you wish for

I made quite a few Christmas presents this year and pretty much forgot to take photos of any of them. I’m presuming some of my family and friends wish I would just buy them gifts like normal people do, but I get a kick out of making stuff. Greig often laments his lack of handmade items, so I knitted him a tie. And because he is a man of his word he actually wore it. Out in public and everything:)

I made these stockings for the littles, which I think turned out really well.

And the good news for everyone is I have about a gazillion things pinned on pinterest to make for next year. Good luck people!


One thought on “Be careful what you wish for

  1. You can certainly take a photo of the lovely table runner and stocking cutlery you made for me. Sure Isla will be only to happy to model her necklace and hair bands for you -as long as you knit her a Christmas jumper to wear next year!!!! Mx

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