Daily done

I finished my december daily album this weekend (last years). It feels good to have it done and even though it’s definitely not perfect it will most certainly serve as a reminder for our family of december 2011. I really enjoyed cutting and sticking – haven’t done it properly in a while and I think I should get started on some scrapbooking for Grier, lest I succumb to second child lazy mother syndrome (I just made that up).

I used some chipboard I had already to put together the covers and used a mixture of paper I already had along with this kit Lost and Found Christmas from My Minds Eye. I made up the basic book pages in november and this year was the first that I typed out my journalling and I like it. I also didn’t ‘do’ a page every day in december. I saved the each days journalling and printed it off when I was ready to put it altogether and had my photos printed by Tesco. It only took me a few evenings to complete it and it took away some of the pressure to spend a lot of time on it everyday during december. I harbour dreams of my children looking through these lovingly prepared albums, although I suspect the reality might be harumphing and eye rolling about how embarrassing I am.


3 thoughts on “Daily done

  1. I love reading about your days Caroline but I have one small criticism- there just aren’t enough photos of the woman behind all of this! Get Brodie trained in how to use a camera!!x

  2. December daily is beautiful and thoughtful. I think Brodie and Grier will love reading it -I certainly did.
    You are so talented. Mx

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