G is for…..

I love monograms. Brodie has a collection of B’s in his room and I knew when Grier was Grier I would need to hunt down some G’s. I also had this pinned for a while and decided to have a go myself. It was pretty straightforward, I printed off a ‘G’ (in hindsight I would have made it a light grey rather than black) on cardstock and then stuck on lots of buttons and filled in the gaps with brads. I used a glue stick and probably should have used a glue roller or pen to avoid random glue smudges on the cardstock. Am I the only one who gets glue everywhere when doing something like this? I got a little obsessed and thought I was finished three times only to get it back out the frame to add a little more before I finally got firm with myself and left it alone.
I used a cheapo frame from Wilkinson and I like the results. Just don’t look too closely or you’ll see glue, and maybe some black outline and probably be overwhelmed by the urge to fill in a tiny gap I missed.


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