A Perfect Day?

There is no such thing as perfect I’m told but today was most enjoyable. Firstly my wonderful husband took both children supermarket shopping this morning so I had a bath. My second since Grier was born, on my own, in a quiet house and it was blissful. That honestly would have been enough to make today the best of this month but wait – there’s more. There were snuggles

There was finger painting

Brodie asked if finger paint was suitable for thumbs.
It is.
And if proof were needed that my son is a genius I present to you
Fire Engine by Brodie Cameron Age 2 years 11 months

Then it was time for lunch. Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup

All through lunch Brodie asked us if we could play BatShoeBall. We tried to glean how one would play this game but all we could get out of him was that we needed a bat a shoe and a ball. We embrace new things in this house so Greig got stuck in. Here is a game of BatShoeBall in progress

Nope, no idea what’s going on either.


One thought on “A Perfect Day?

  1. What an amazing fire engine! Pancakes look good. Batshoeball seems a reasonable game -as long as Brodie has fun playing it. Glad you enjoyed your bath. Mx

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