Her Peeps

Grier loves us. We are her very favourites. That is me – the one with the milk, the little, noisy one with the trains and the big, cuddly one who sings to her when he thinks no-one else is listening. One of the most amazing things about babies, once they are past the newborn anyone […]


Grier has a tooth or teeth coming. She is a poor wee thing, contrasted with moments of her usual happy go luckiness. Her cheeks are bright red, she is drooling lots and she is pretty miserable. The whole not wanting to be put down is totally understandable but not awesomely convenient. But she seems to […]


If there is one thing Brodie likes almost as much as asking questions it’s being asked questions. So this morning we got into a somewhat lengthy loop of me asking questions such as ‘What does a builder do?’, ‘What does a doctor do?’ Me ‘What does a baker do?’ Brodie ‘Bake’, Me ‘What does a […]

5 months

5 months old. Grier you continue to be mostly very happy, occasionally shouty and almost always cuddly. You are sitting up very straight and want to be upright more and more to see what’s going on. Bathing you has become interesting because you just want to swim freely in the water. You love reaching out […]