When we moved in to our house we moved into a building which had been home to the same family since it was built. We have the original plans the house was built from and bits and pieces of furniture and some mercury – but that’s a story for a different day. We uncovered historical […]

Is there…….

anything better than chubby baby feet in sunshine? If there is I haven’t found it yet. Today I got about a quarter of what I wanted to do done, but hey it was sunny and who knows when that might happen again. You are welcome for the cuteness of the baby feet above. Unfortunately I […]

Record breaking

What did you do on the hottest March day on record? I was very grateful for friends for Brodie to play with. Enjoyed watching Brodie take his longest bike ride ever. Loved that Grier could kick her legs in the sunshine. And most thankful for more great friends who turn up on your doorstep with […]


So it seems like we are (nearly) all better! Grier has been in a sunny mood all morning and is herself again which is lovely. It’s only been a few days but she’s been so miserable it cheers my heart to watch her roll around singing a wee song and talking to us all again. […]

Pavement Chalks

This is from sunday. When I saw these chalks I knew Brodie was going to love them. Well I hoped he would because drawing on pavements was probably in my top ten favourite things to do as a wee one. The whole pavement as a giant blank sheet of paper to draw on? Sweet. Only […]