Railway playmat

If you’ve ever spoken to Brodie you’ll know he loves vehicles. He can tell you about backhoe loaders and excavators but his favorite right now are steam trains. Trains are great but steam trains are the best. Trains, trains, trains. For Christmas Santa brought him a brio railway and for his birthday we are adding a turntable and his favourite Thomas engines to the fun. I really wanted to make him something for his birthday, and of course it had to be train related so when I came across this tutorial for a playmat that folds up into a bag I knew I could adapt it to make it train appropriate. I had lots of bean bag material left so I used some of that along with some denim I bought to make Brodie a backpack which I never go around to doing and some left over felt from other projects. This is the first thing I’ve ever sewn and not needed to use my seam ripper on so I’m chuffed.
I glued the felt onto the playmat section and then hand sewed it. I think this might be applique? But we’ll just go with I glued it then I sewed it.

I couldn’t resist trying it out with Fiery Flynn. I really hope Brodie likes it, it was fun to make and I’m on the lookout for more little boy projects.

Fiery Flynn to the rescue……….


3 thoughts on “Railway playmat

  1. Oh how talented are you!!!!
    Brodie will adore his bag -such a unique gift made with love for him. He will have hours of fun taking passengers to Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee and even London charging £5 for each journey, serving magic tea and coffee and orange soup on special days. Can’t wait to be part of it all. Mx

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