Little Foodies

So the time has come for my big girl to have solid food. And so far I think it’s fair to say she’s on board with that plan. She enjoyed some of Brodie’s birthday steak pie and mashed potato, has had banana toast, pears and sooked a wee rice cake.
When we weaned Brodie I happened to come across this book and I think it probably saved my life. Ok that might be a bit dramatic but it certainly saved me from many hours of making baby food and trying to convince Brodie to eat it. The ideas behind Baby Led Weaning just made a lot of sense to Greig and I so we gave it a go. As Gill Rapley suggests it’s better to either go whole hog with BLW or not all so you don’t confuse your baby so we got stuck in. Brodie thrived on eating with us at the table and was eating what we ate enthusiastically within days. It took away lots of worry for me about making food, how much he was eating and travelling with food. I feel like spoon-feeding is quite unnatural for lots of babies and Brodie certainly appreciated being in control of how he ate. And now? Well I think he eats really well. As with lots of young children he fights eating (most) vegetables like they may kill him if he accidentally ingests any but I try not to worry too much about that at the moment and just encourage and praise when he does eat some. He sits well at the table and enjoys making, eating and talking about food.
It seems that BLW is much better known this time around and people have pretty strong opinions about it, but we will be following the principles again this time around. It’s beyond exciting to see your baby pick up and taste food, suck it, gum it and eventually chew it. It’s intuitive for me and when it comes to children I’m all about going with your gut.
For anyone interested, the question most people ask is whether we are worried about choking. From our experience Brodie occasionally gagged when he bit off more than he could chew but never choked which is something different. I actually think the experience was useful as he soon learned to try smaller bits. Because we never ‘fed’ him he has always been in control and also seems to have a really in tune sense of his appetite and will stop eating immediately when he is full even if he’s eating sweeties or pudding. Now if only I could teach myself how to do that……..


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