A round up

So this week has been highs and lows all the way. Brodie is feeling much better, his ‘asthma like’ symptoms seem to be under control for the time being, his cold is getting better and he’s back on form. Grier on the other hand has her first cold which is heartbreaking. Brodie never had a cold as a baby, perhaps an added extra of being first-born? Grier is miserable, and it’s horrible to see her coughing and sneezing and thinking for goodness sake people aren’t you supposed to be making me feel better? As of this morning I suspect she has ear infections due to the gloop coming out of her ears. I think the worst bit is when she tries to smile thought the snot and tears and your heart feels wrung out. The good news is that all she wants to do is feed and sleep so hopefully her body will be able to fight off the bugs soon.
I made this wreath with scrap fabric and random bits of felt. I like it a lot.

This scarf was for Morag for Mothers Day. It’s ruffly because I heart ruffles. But not like Elizabethan level ruffles because that’s not really Morag’s style I think:) Hope she likes it.

And this is Brodie nearly well and Grier nearly sick. Thank you for making me a Mum B and G, you are the best.


One thought on “A round up

  1. I am delighted with my gorgeous scarf -just found the wee label and loving it! Thank you for taking/finding time to make it.
    Hoping you have a good day.
    PS I know I do not like wreaths but it does look nice. So talented!

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