5 miles

Done. Boom. See ya.
5 miles completed this morning in the rain with a malfunctioning bra strap. I’m now getting close to running longer than I have ever run, ever, ever, ever.
I wish I could bottle the feeling of achievement I get after completing a run so I could have a swig before I leave on the next one. Because getting out of the door is the hardest part of the whole thing. Also I’m like a homing pigeon. I can instinctively tell you exactly how far I am from home. I could give you several options for 3,4,5 mile runs leaving from my front door which would bring you back here within 0.01 of a mile. I like this new skill.
I have replaced the malfunctioning bra now so hopefully I won’t need to tell you about that particular running related problem again. Seriously, we could have been talking black eyes here people.


2 thoughts on “5 miles

  1. Great job Caroline,
    Super pleased to see you getting out there. I know EXACTLY how you feel about steeling yourself for the next run. Never mind convincing Lou is the right thing to do. Our motto is “you always feel like it was the right thing to do” afterwards!!

    Bonus for me: cake and cookies. So, heading out for my 50 mile bike ride shortly…

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