Sadly lacking

So our friends had a baby boy, Samuel last Thursday and my already pathetic housekeeping skills have been further pushed aside in order to make tiny, soft baby things to take when we get to go and snuggle him. I haven’t finished Grier’s quilt quite yet but I’m already obsessed with quilting things. I made this little playmat quilt in a really simple patchwork pattern. I realised early on that getting the rows to match up was going to take more precision and time than I really had so I went for a deliberately off centre approach which I hope kind of works. The actual ‘quilting’ is not great, that is the holding the layers together bit, but I think it looks ok. The binding is wobbly too, but it was made with love so hopefully that will make up for it. This blog is really useful if you are a complete beginner quilter like me. I knitted a wee hat, shoes and mitts in this lovely bamboo yarn which is really soft so I hope his new Mum and Dad like them. Now I really need to get my bathroom cleaned oh and make the hundred or so wedding invitations I have on my to do list……


3 thoughts on “Sadly lacking

  1. Love the quilt and wee hat,mitts and boottees(or shoes) I am sure the new parents will be thrilled to receive gifts made with love. Hope you get the invitations on the go! Mx

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