What Brodie said part 2

Things Brodie has said recently

Grier, stop splashing me and don’t eat that bucket. We don’t eat buckets

Dad. Those are not square sausages, they are rectangles.

Don’t worry Grier, Mummy will be back in just a minute. Maybe.

Quick Grier, let’s shut the door and hide from Daddy.

You know Jamie?
Me – No, where is he from?
My imagination

And this morning –

Ahoy Captain Mummy, Ahoy Captain Daddy would you like to grate anything with this grater?

This is from Saturday night inspecting his latest war wound. He got a fat lip after taking a tumble off his bike. I’m proud to say he got straight back on after wiping the blood on Dad’s jacket. He kept saying – why is it so big?

You couldn’t make this stuff up.


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