I loved my paddling pool as a child. Actually I loved sitting in just a basin of water. I always thought that if I was lucky enough to have children a pool in summer was a must do. Brodie splashed himself into exhaustion. Don’t you just want to jump right in? Glad to see Greig […]


Our house should probably still have a big X on the front door due to all the illness inside. No one is really 100% but we are on the mend. I’m starting to have major anxiety about the time I’ve missed from the half marathon training but there is nothing I can do. I will […]

What Brodie Said Part 3

Greig – Should we put up the seat on your bike Brodie? Brodie – You mean the saddle, Dad? Me – Brodie, would you like a ‘Wildlife’ yoghurt? (This is the brand he chose an hour before) Brodie – A railway yoghurt Mum? Me (exasperated) – No listen Brodie, I said ‘Wildlife’ yoghurt. Brodie – […]


So I ran yesterday morning. It was sunny. I had breakfast. I ran a new route. I finished 10K in a reasonable time. I ran my fastest ever mile. Such a good way to start our holiday week. My turnaround point was here – halfway over the footbridge over Newbridge roundabout. It felt almost poetic […]


So this doesn’t really keep me awake at night but…… If you were coming round to mine for a bit of coffee and walnut cake, which beverage would you require to accompany it? A cup of tea or two? Freshly brewed coffee? Or something else? I’ve never quite worked this one out.