It’s not me, it’s you…….

I’m a bit bored with the running. I’m bored with lacing up my trainers and putting on my iPod armband. The sparkle has rubbed off a bit. I was completely deflated after finishing 8 miles on saturday, in contrast to the week before when I was all – get me I’m a running rock star. And then this morning after another session in the rain I’ve decided that me and running are going on a break.
Don’t worry, I’m not going to give up. I can’t give up, the Goodlet genes will kick in and I’ve no chance. If I had to inherit something from the gene pool I’m glad it was the dogged determination and not the inability to settle if there is clutter on any horizontal surface.
It’s just that after 19 weeks and 160ish miles I feel like there’s nothing left in the tank. I’m struggling to keep to my previous slow pace. I’m miserable for the whole run and I’m not reaching that comfortable spot when you’re on autopilot and your legs just take over for you and your mind can wander. All I can think about is the discomfort and how long I’ve got to go.
So I think I’ll complete my long run on saturday and then take next week off. I have an extra week in my training plan and we are on holiday so it works out well. Hopefully I will get my running legs and motivation back and will return stronger than ever. In the spirit of sharing my miserableness here is a photo from this morning. Flattering huh?

Please share any tips or advice or motivation, although be warned anyone who suggests eating a banana will be dealt swift retribution.


4 thoughts on “It’s not me, it’s you…….

  1. Please dont stop – you are the one that has inspired me to get back into running, I am catching you up, comfortable with a good 5 miles but not banging out 8 miles like you. So keep going I need you out infront of me.
    P.S Grieg does not know how lucky he is that you skipped on the “no clutter on horizontal surfaces” obsession – it is a daily struggle in our house.

  2. You have done so well to get to this stage and I am in awe of your determination and everything else it must take to run so far almost each day. Enjoy the well earned break. Mx

  3. You are doing great, and it is totally normal to need a mental break. Try to focus on how far you have come, and that each workout gets you closer to what you want to achieve. Golden rule is you always feel better afterwards. ( also applies to clearing surfaces!).

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