Diamond Jubilee Dress

Morag has been on the hunt for something for Grier to wear for the jubilee – don’t worry Brodie is sorted in the wardrobe and flag department. Nothing really seemed to fit the bill though so we were considering a plain white dress – which would obviously be lovely and could be worn again and just fancying it up a bit with red, white and blue. I am feeling better and itching to make things so I was sitting idle last night when I thought I should just try to make a dress. So I did!
I’ve had tons of tutorials for pillowcase dresses pinned and decided it would be the best route for something simple. I’m proud to say everything I used to make it was left from other projects. The white dotty material was left from this ruffly scarf. The blue and red dots were left from Grier’s quilt (nearly finished!) by way of a knitting bag I made for Morag. A teensy bit of elastic and some bias binding saved from the towel I cut up to make these bibs were all I needed.
I used this tutorial which I would recommend. Obviously I had one main panel and just added strips along the bottom horizontally rather than 4 vertical strips like used in the tutorial. I got the sizing from here. It’s a really simple and straightforward project which comes together really quickly, perfect for a beginner. I imagine Grier might well end up wearing it over a white t-shirt and white leggings as the Scottish weather will not likely be quite as balmy as of late.
My only problem now is the time I’ve spent browsing pinterest and etsy has my head spinning with jubilee projects I want to make……


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