I’m bringing running back….

This morning I ran for the second time this week. Only 4 miles and I can’t say they were particularly comfortable. It was rainy and miserable and my head was throbbing after about 5 minutes. I’m nervous about it but I’m thinking I will run the half marathon next sunday. A few people have said really unhelpful things to me like – surely you just keep running? I have resisted the urge to make a snarky reply such as – well couldn’t someone have told me that before I started these 5 months of training? I’m going to keep positive. Because really all I have to do is just keep running, just keep running, just keep running………………..


2 thoughts on “I’m bringing running back….

  1. Well Kate – you know my limited marathon experience – but I think you are doing well. Your training program has been nice and progressive. 10 miles under your belt now – relax this week with a little light running and perhaps a 5 or 6 miler. Looking forward to cheering you on.

    You are great at achieving personal goals – proud of you.

    ” You don’t need to be the best – Just be the best that you can be”



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