Canvas Silhouettes

You know the way I’m always about 3 years behind the cool kids? I thought I’d make some silhouettes of the littles like everyone cool did in 2009. I started with some cheap canvases and some acrylic paint from the bargain book shop. I painted them yellow first then changed my mind and made them […]


Remember these invitations I made? Well the wedding is on Saturday and we are hoping to get a glimpse of the Bride (and Groom and Bridesmaids!) after she is married so I’ve made a horseshoe for Brodie to hand over for good luck when we see her. I say Brodie, but he might decide he […]


Brodie is in love with a special drink See? We’ve been whizzing up frozen fruit with natural yoghurt and a splash of milk and the boy is in heaven with his ‘special drink ‘.


I knitted something for me! It’s a shruglet. The pattern can be found here on ravelry (online knitting community, get with the programme Dad). It’s actually called the Easy Peasy Shrug. And it was indeed easy peasy, but mine turned out petit non? The pattern was concise and very easy to follow. The giant lace […]


A wise woman told me to reflect for a few days on my half marathon, so I did:) I hope I didn’t come across as negative or whiny in my last post about it, that was not my intention. I wasn’t disappointed or sad just maybe a little shocked? I think the experience just wasn’t […]