A wise woman told me to reflect for a few days on my half marathon, so I did:)
I hope I didn’t come across as negative or whiny in my last post about it, that was not my intention. I wasn’t disappointed or sad just maybe a little shocked? I think the experience just wasn’t what I hoped or thought it might be.
I’ve had sore ribs from the effort of deep breathing which makes me think I wasn’t fully recovered from the flu. Not to make excuses (I hate sports people who make excuses, Andy Murray I’m looking at you). A few hours after finishing on Sunday I was already looking on the internet for my next challenge – I’ve not committed yet but I’ll keep you in the loop.
I’m completely sucked in by this whole running thing. I want more and I want better. I want to look back on this, my first half and think how far I’ve come. And I want one of those fancy GPS watches.
So rest assured, I’ll be back pounding the pavements any day now. Well as soon as the pain whenever I stand up goes away….


2 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Awesome!! Good for you. Louisa wants you to come do the covered bridges half in Vermont. I can promise you one of the most beautiful runs ever. Or, the Apple Fest in VT has…. you guessed it – all the apple pie you can eat at the end. You dont have to run it in hiking shoes like Louisa.

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