We treated ourselves to lunch yesterday at Howden Park Centre. The food was good and I really enjoyed the current exhibition by Paola McClure. Brodie was fascinated with the giant dolls and they had some interactive pieces which amused. We came home after a few hours all refreshed and raring to go again. What is […]


A few months ago Greig was delighted to discover that he had won Olympic football tickets in the draw. That was until he realised they were giving them away to anyone who would take them……… No matter, the boys were still very excited to head off this morning with Granda, Grandad and Uncle Douglas. Greig […]


Brodie was with Nana and Grandad this morning so Grier and I spread out a quilt on the grass and I took some photos. She was so intent on getting to the wall and standing up. The look of concentration on her face was magical. I feel like she is bursting with personality these days, […]

The Littlest Controller

I bought this long roll of drawing paper for Brodie a while ago. He’s not so much into drawing and only paints sporadically so I had claimed it for myself and used it for tracing sewing patterns and such. For that reason it was sitting on a chair in the kitchen when Brodie found it. […]

Death and Sausages

Brodie has been preoccupied with a few things recently. He recently began a sentence with the words ‘In the olden days when I was a baby….’. He is always asking about time and the passing of it and about getting older. I think it all started one day when we were passing Halls – the […]