Scarfy Claw

I took Brodie to see Hairy McLairy and friends today. Taking him to the theatre has been something I’ve looked forward to for years. I love everything about the theatre, I loved performing as a child and even now have been known to break out the jazz hands on occasion.
He was pretty psyched about going into the theatre and taking our seats. I timed it pretty well so we only had to wait a few minutes and a snack helped pass those.

We spoke about the set and what might happen next.

And soon enough the lights went down

He really enjoyed the opening song and I might have been slightly misty eyed observing the delight on his face as he recognised Hairy McLairy and told me that they weren’t real dogs, just story dogs. But then I guess he began to remember the other characters in the book including Scarface Claw – the baddie. Before I knew it he was on my knee, asking to leave and desperate not to see ‘Scarfy Claw’. I managed to talk him down though and although Scarfy did make an appearance it was pretty understated which was good. I think he viewed the whole audience participation thing as a bit of an inconvenience when listening to the story but on the whole I think he enjoyed it and I loved the experience of taking him.

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