10 months

You weigh 19 lbs Grier. You have deep and meaningful conversations with the baby in the mirror. Your circle of trusted people is growing wider and you have smiles or peekaboos for lots of people we meet. You love to stand and jump and have a ball taking things out of a box or basket. You laugh when Brodie laughs and shriek when he shrieks are you are quietly concerned if he is crying or upset. You are busy making your way about with a combination of bottom shuffling and tummy scooching. You love to walk holding our hands but after a few scary falls I feel better when you are closer to the ground! Some days you love tomatoes, some days you hate tomatoes. Every day you love grapes, blueberries, butternut squash and raisin toast. And still with the yoghurt, you love yoghurt more than anything.


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