Day Trippers

We took our first (hopefully of many) trips to Montrose yesterday.
V and K are settled in their flat. It’s just my kind of home – covings, deep skirtings, seriously weird shaped rooms and triangular cupboards. And filled with all their stuff it feels like they’ve been there forever. Montrose itself is a full of character. First we took a trip to the beach – and Brodie has his first (of many, no doubt) trips to the seaside playpark. It was the kind of park which makes you desperate for a go on the slide yourself. Predictably though the boy was fascinated with a sand and water feature. Had he not been starving/wet/sandy I reckon he would have happily hung out there forever. A quick lunch and nap and we were ready for a stroll in the town including passing Kerry’s new office. Greig is pretty jealous of her five-minute commute.
The day went too fast.

We thought we were being smart changing the kids into jammies before driving down the road – Grier slept for 45 minutes and Brodie chattered all.the.way.home……they did sleep in til 7.25am though, ahh a long lie:)


2 thoughts on “Day Trippers

  1. that does look like a rather cool water sand plaything to be fair – i wouldnt mind a shot!! congrats to v and k on the new digs 🙂 xx

  2. So jealous cant wait to vist! Brodie looks so industrious in the sand – he is growing so fast so is Grier and she is so cute. Bet K & V loved seeing you all. K

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