Annabell’s Frock

Did you know Grier’s birthday was coming up? I KNOW! She’s going to be one. I can’t believe it. Anyhoo Morag has bought her Baby Annabell for her birthday but we both decided her outfit was not up to scratch. Morag knitted her a cardigan and hat and I got busy making her a frock.
Annabell is a 14 inch doll for the uninitiated so I googled for patterns and came up with this. My version is pretty plain – no lacy collar. It was simple and quick and I’ve saved the pattern to make another (couple…) Obviously Grier needed a dress to match using this
Jessica’s blog – at Craftiness is Not Optional is a great resource for me. I began reading her blog before I even had a sewing machine and would love to try out a ton more of her ideas and tutorials. It’s generous bloggers like her who have helped me learn to sew in my own time at my kitchen table.

Annabell’s dress is a good fit but next time I will make it open up the back completely – Bucks Fizz style so it’s easier for Greig Grier to get on and off. The basic dress will be a good basic pattern to add ruffles or embellishment to. Grier’s dress is on the larger side – probably a good thing right? I think I am always generous when cutting seam allowance then a little stingy actually sewing it up so the finished piece ends up bigger. I love the button lpacket on the back – I was completely bamboozled by it at one point but it came good in the end. The neck is far too wide – have no idea how I manged that but with a t-shirt underneath it should be fine and I can adjust the pattern for next time – I definitely want to have another go at this one.

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One thought on “Annabell’s Frock

  1. How cute will Grier and baby Annabell be? Maybe you could make me a dress for Douglas and Fiona’s wedding!!!! Mx

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