Death and Sausages

Brodie has been preoccupied with a few things recently. He recently began a sentence with the words ‘In the olden days when I was a baby….’. He is always asking about time and the passing of it and about getting older.
I think it all started one day when we were passing Halls – the pork plant – in Broxburn and Brodie spotted the tv cameras which were covering the story of the factory potentially closing. Then he noticed the massive lorry transporting the pigs into the plant. He asked me what the pigs were doing.
I try to stick to telling the truth to him – age appropriately – because he can sniff an untruth out at a hundred paces. I want him to believe I will always tell him truth, even, or perhaps especially when it’s difficult or uncomfortable to me to do so. So I told him the pigs would be made into sausages. After thinking for a bit – his response? ‘Well I think that might make the pigs sad’. Potential vegetarianism?
And today when we were in the car he asked me why some people die. So I answered that everyone dies. He asked me why. I said because our bodies get old and worn out and don’t work any more. And then I added that sometimes people get so sick that their bodies get worn out and they die too. And then I kind of wished I could take that part back because I don’t need a hypochondriac vegetarian on my hands.
Then he asked ‘Will I die Mum?’
And I of course, had to say yes. But not for a long, long time. Then he sounded a bit alarmed and said ‘What will I eat when I die? Well Brodie I said, you won’t need to eat because your body won’t be hungry because it won’t be working any more.
All quiet. I think he is happy with my explanation and understands.
‘But Mum, what will hold my head up if my body is dead?’

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