Tianna Dress

Another dress! This making of tiny clothes is highly addictive….
I came across this pattern while browsing etsy from seller The LilyBird Studio. I loved it straight away and bought the baby (0-24mth) pattern. I notice the seller is selling a bundle pack with the bigger pattern size as well (2-8years) which I definitely would have bought if I’d realised.
I thought the pattern was excellent, the best I have used hands down. Very clear, lots of photos and great hints and tips. Plus there are only two sheets of pattern to print and no fitting together required which is good for the pattern illiterate like me. I also think it’s really versatile, I’ve already got lots of other fabric combinations planned. I decided not to add buttons to the ruffle on the front but I want to try this out too.
The only problem I ran into was those bleeping buttonholes again. My apparently idiot proof sewing machine has never come across and idiot quite like me before. It seems to snaffle and get caught up again and again so by the time I get a buttonhole made the fabric is in terrible shape. For that reason I sewed up the sides of the dress rather than add another couple of buttonholes and it’s a little snug to get on and off but perhaps I’ll use snaps or something next time?
I made the 12 month size for Grier and it fits her now at 10 months. She is still wearing mostly 6-9 month size clothes so I guess the pattern sews us slightly smaller than shop bought dresses?

Now that my tiny model is on the move taking pictures is proving challenging!


One thought on “Tianna Dress

  1. So pretty -well done you. Heard superglue on the bottom is good for getting younger models to sit still -or the age old white chocolate button trick!!! Mx

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