August – the birthday month

Not my birthday, I’ve already had the Jubirthday remember? It’s just that every man I know has a birthday in August. Ok maybe not every man, but a fair few of them. Greig’s dad, my brother, Greig and my Dad all have birthdays in the first two weeks of August. David kicked things off today and of course Brodie, Grier and I were around to help eat up the delicious pudding and cake. Grier sat on Auntie Isla’s knee and was quite happy with her trifle as long as Isla was loading up the next spoon ….(don’t worry, she ate up all her tea before pudding. She had ham, tomatoes, bread, cheese and probably more). Brodie helped Granny decorate Granda’s cake and did a sterling job of blowing out the candles. Happy Birthday Granda, bring on the birthday month.


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