Brodie working up an appetite digging and dumping, helping Dad around the side of the house. Tonight’s tea had homegrown peas, beetroot, tomatoes, peppers and brambles. And of course included apple and bramble crumble. Because as you know, crumble is the official food sponsor of Autumn. Brodie’s latest favourite library books – about Diggers and […]

What Brodie Said Part 4

Getting dressed we somehow manage to get both of Brodie’s legs stuck in one trouser leg. ‘It’s because it’s dark in there Mum, my foot can’t see where it’s going’. Looking up to the TV from playing with his truck, ‘is that Rhubarb the Bear Mum?’ Investigating the brambles growing in the back garden ‘They […]

Green pepper, red pepper

Remember last week I was lamenting my green peppers. Well huzzah, check this out They turned red! And to celebrate I used them to make this Lamb and halloumi skewers with red onion and RED PEPPERS. And a few orange peppers because I only used the medium red pepper. I’m saving the big one for […]


I’m endlessly fascinated in witnessing this sibling relationship develop. My wake up call was when Grier was a few weeks old and Greig and I took Brodie to the park on his own thinking he was craving some time as an ‘only’ once more. He spent the whole time asking for Grier and I realised […]


Why do I blog? It keeps me in touch with family and friends, especially those far from us. I enjoy keeping memories from Brodie and Grier’s everydays and special days. I like having a place to catalogue things I’ve made – essentially showing off. I get far too excited on those odd days when the […]