We are still feeling generally under the weather chez Cameron so because the sun was blazing in the sky today we headed out to Beecraigs for a whump through the mud and a play in the park. Well that and the fact Grier may well still be contagious with hand, foot and mouth I decided against further spreading our malaise. The sun was indeed shining and splitting bright blue skies but it was absolutely freezing. Fureahziiing.
We wrapped up with clothes pulled out of the dirty washing pile in order to get them even dirtier and it was good to blow away some of the cobwebs settling around us.
October has been hard. It’s been long and it’s been dark and there’s been lots of long, dark days when tempers frayed and children shrieked and parents raised voices in frustration. If I’ve learned anything in the last 3.5 years it’s that everything is a phase. Nothing lasts forever. There is always a brighter day around the corner and often something that seemed terrible and insurmountable yesterday is manageable, nay even enjoyable tomorrow. So when I’m tempted to say, that’s it, I can’t do this anymore, which is pretty funny because who the heck else is going to do it? I’m going to remember October 2012. And while I can’t claim to have shown October 2012 who’s boss, I did in fact survive it and November came. Suck it up October 2012 – you are done, (almost).


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