My friends are like Ugg boots. I keep them forever. They just get better the longer you keep them around, don’t you think?
I’ll never be what you might call a social butterfly. I’m not great at making those transient, just for this point in your life type friendships. It takes me a long time to feel comfortable with people although the older I get the more delight I take in meeting ‘my’ kind of people. The ones you know straight way will get you and it’s just easy to be around them. I made a new friend fairly recently who is my kind of person. She is sweet and gentle with a great sense of fun and humour and I suspect an inner core of steel. That is exactly my kind of person. And she brought scones this weekend because she thought I (we) needed them which means her fate is sealed. She is my newest pair of boots. Thank you.

And some others made a timely appearance this weekend. Friends, not boots. We ate this chilli and cornbread and cookies and ice cream.

We critiqued X factor contestants from the comfort on the sofa. And they brought me lovely flowers.

Thank you also.


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