Giving Thanks

From someone with more blessings than she can count, even when those blessings make me want to stick a fork in my eye, I’d like to give thanks. I’m thankful for an ever patient, caring husband who rarely loses his sense of humour even when things get hairy. I’m thankful for super healthy, happy children. […]

The Blues

The last four sets of wedding invitations I’ve made have had blue elements. What’s up with that? This was Tony and Jade’s. They liked the long cheque book shape and wanted something simple so this is what we came up with. I think it suited them really well, not at all fussy and I like […]

Wedding Season

Most people imagine wedding season is spring/summer time but I beg to differ. Our loved ones have embraced autumn/winter weddings. I love a good wedding no matter the season but actually I think darker evenings and being cosied up inside add to the whole experience. Yesterday Tony and Jade got married in a very personal […]


Having kids does something weird to your sense of time. Everyone says time flies when your children are young and I would whole heartedly agree. I mean one day I brought home a teeny 7lb baby home from the hospital and now he’s a 35lb walking, talking, opinionated, free thinking, creative, actual boy. And it […]


When do we stay Grier is walking? When she took her first independent steps? When she stood up in the middle of the room and walked to us? When she walked from one room to another looking for us? I have no idea. She still principally crawls to get around but is walking more and […]

Table Manners

Spaghetti eating, it’s tricky no? I think watching kids eat spaghetti might be one of the best things ever. I’m so thankful that Brodie and Grier eat lots and lots of different things I can’t bring myself to be a stickler for things like ‘don’t wind every available strand of spaghetti on to your fork […]