A wondrous year no doubt. This year I – marvelled at Brodie turning 3 and Grier turning 1 – ran over 350 miles – read at least 1000 children’s books – read 3 grown up books – learned at least 50 new facts from children’s books – taught art to 180 children and loved it […]

Festive Treats

Making edible gifts at Christmas has become a bit of a tradition for me. There’s something about sending a yummy treat from my house to yours that encapsulates the spirit of Christmas. With Pinterest, there’s an endless supply of festive foodie ideas to try. I like making these but try not to be overambitious or […]

Merry & Bright

Santa, he came! and We unwrapped with intensity We cherished Hello Kitty hair clips We unwrapped more (note Hello Kitty hair claps still tightly grasped) And we played Smiled, and didn’t smile for photos climbed many stairs and ate, talked, ate, played, ate, drank and ate some more. I hope you had a joyous Christmas. […]


I love stollen. I love Christmas cake too but I probably love stollen more so instead of making a Christmas cake this year I thought I would give it a go. Also Brodie and Grier loved the shop bought stuff I got last week so I was confident they would like a homemade version too. […]


I have tried in vain over the last few days to get a good photo of Brodie and Grier together that I can send to friends and relatives in Christmas cards. I have literally thousands of photos of them both individually but getting one together where they are both even in the frame is virtually […]