A wondrous year no doubt.

This year I

– marvelled at Brodie turning 3 and Grier turning 1
– ran over 350 miles
– read at least 1000 children’s books
– read 3 grown up books
– learned at least 50 new facts from children’s books
– taught art to 180 children and loved it
– ran 2 half marathons
– lost 30 pounds (pre-Christmas measurement, I can feel reinstated heft on the love handles…..)
– celebrated 7 years of marriage to a wonderful man
– made 200 wedding invitations
– celebrated the 16th anniversary of my first kiss from aforementioned wonderful man
– turned 32
– changed thousands of nappies
– washed thousands of nappies
– showered at least a million kisses and cuddles on the littles
– reknitted hundreds of botched rows
– freaking loved watching the Killing III (also enjoyed Borgen, Homeland and Sons of Anarchy)
– built several miles of railway

2013, bring it.


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