Brodie is nearly four. And lately I’ve really noticed what a big boy he is. Before his sister was born everyone told me that he would seem huge when the baby came but that was not my experience. The baby seemed impossibly tiny but Brodie just seemed the same – two and a half and […]


So winter vomiting bugs are alive and well in Casa Cameron 2012. I was ill at the weekend and Brodie spent much of today with his head in a basin. He was spectacularly brave and strong and stoic and amazing. The best three-year old in the world no doubt. I hope so much he’s over […]

December Daily 2012

I’ve made a december daily album which documents both everyday life and special Christmas happenings for 3 years now. I’ve learned a bit about what works for me in that time. First of all the more prepared you can be before the 1st of December the easier the project will be. Don’t make your album […]

Around here

A lot and a whole lot of nothing. That’s what’s been going on around here. The place is littered with half-finished craft projects. It seems that I can never actually manage to gather all the materials needed to complete something in one go. There are some wedding projects in the mix too which explains why […]