A New Year

I’m brimming with enthusiasm for a new year. No really, I’m not being ironic.
I wish I could bottle some of this verve and vigour to see me through when it’s waning. I feel like the clean slate of 2013 is just begging to be doodled on and annotated to the point of blur. I’m even planning spring cleaning. What is wrong with me?
Craft projects are piled up in my head, on my pinterest and in my real life craft cupboard. A new sofa will hopefully be ours soon, along with some fresh paint for the living room and maybe kitchen. There are cupboards in my house which beg me to tidy them out every time I pass. My poor neglected garden is due for some major TLC and I most definitely am going to work out composting this year, just wait and see.
Oh wait, you probably will see, because that’s all exactly the type of nonsense I’m likely to write about here.


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